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one way love

Preacher's Book Club is excited to announce the latest summer reading selection!  As a church family, we will be reading One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World by Tullian Tchividjian.  

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Preacher's Corner

Pastor Brian Loveness

Alfred Nobel was a Swedish chemist who invented various powerful explosives during his lifetime including the one we call dynamite. These explosives, state of the art in their day, were purchased by various governments to produce the very first "weapons of mass destruction"...and their sale made Nobel a very wealthy man. But something amazing happened in the latter years of Alfred Nobel's life. You see, when his brother died, one newspaper accidentally printed Alfred's obituary...instead of his brother's. The article described Alfred as a man who became rich by "enabling people to kill each other in unprecedented quantities." Shaken by this assessment of his life, Nobel made a resolution: he would use the remainder of his time on earth along with the fortune he had acquired to reward accomplishments that benefited humanity. The Nobel Peace Prize is just one example of this man's altered values.  

You see, Alfred Nobel had a rare opportunity. He was able to read the story of his life ...and still have a chance to change the story.

I wonder... If YOUR story were written would it read?

This summer, as many of us take a much needed break from the pressures and stresses of life – let's pause to ask the question, "Am I writing a good story." Is my life making an impact for the Kingdom of God and the glory of Jesus Christ? If not (by the grace of God) it's not too late to change your story!


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